Virtual Tours

No borders. No visas. No passports necessary. Create your own virtual tours and space captures.

Space Captures with AI


Now with just a smartphone video, you can make your own 3d captures of spaces. We do this with something called Neural Radiance Fields.

Neural radiance fields are like tiny brains that help computers understand and create pictures. They're made up of lots of little parts called neurons that are all connected together. When a neural radiance field sees a picture of something, it can use its neurons to make a new picture that looks similar.

They're used to make computer-generated images look more realistic, and they're used in lots of different things like video games and self-driving cars.

Here's an example that I made of my Jeep:

This was made from about a minute of video walking around my Jeep with my iPhone 12.

To get started and test creating your own space capture, upload a video on the Create Page. Drone videos are great too!

Guided Tour Mode


Building on top one of your existing tours, we can transform a 3d scan of your space into a guided tour that connects to longer-form narratives and artifacts in your collections. You can publish multiple guided tours on themes or topics in the same space.

This is useful for site education, building digital memberships, and connecting to your existing ticketing systems to book private in-person tours.


The Matterport platform web viewer offers the easiest way for visitors all over the world to view your spaces. The first person explore mode makes it easy for non-technical donors and visitors to navigate your space.


Sketchfab presents all sorts of 3d models and animations, from large spaces to small artifacts, and includes both virtual and augmented reality viewing for your exhibition visitors.

Other Viewers

There are many other stellar viewers for displaying 3d data, and the one we want to demonstrate as an example is Google Arts and Culture's viewer displaying the Tomb of Menna with ARCE.

Overall, the team at Mused can help you reach your goal with presenting a virtual tour integration with your digital exhibition to enhance your donor's and visitor's experience. Contact us directly for more information about what solution might fit your space and collection best.

We're pioneering new technologies for capturing and sharing virtual tours Create your own 3d Captures of Spaces with AI

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